Loopers On Parade

I had the distinct pleasure this evening of seeing the estimable Mr. Geoffrey Castle in concert.

Talking to him after the show, I suggested he look up a few musicians online, and I realized driving home that blogging the list would be the best way to share it with him and anyone else who enjoys this type of music.  Geoffrey, and anyone else reading this, please enjoy 🙂

Warning: some of these videos are for adults only!  (I’ve marked such.)

First, I have to lead off any such list with my main inspiration, Beardyman.  His TED talk:

One of his early videos, notable for mixing (live) audio looping and (post-produced) video looping, very inspirational for my work:

And a whole 80 minute show in Seattle, VERY VERY VERY ADULTS ONLY:

Then there is the inimitable Reggie Watts, another must-see-live performer:

And a longer performance, with more audio nerd detail:

Imogen Heap using her musical data gloves, which you can support via Kickstarter:

And then there are many other well-known loopers in the Loop Scene, if you will, or the Experimental Live Music Sub-Genre.  Here is Dub FX doing an excellent lecture on what he does and how he does it:

And there’s this talented woman, Jeni:

And then Bo Burnham playing with sampling time into neurotic awesomeness, not live but still totally on topic (ADULTS ONLY WARNING YESSIR):

AND THEN there is the Looper’s Delight group on Facebook, chock full of excellent musicianship and time reflection. And the NW Loop Fest coming up this fall. And the Y2K14 Loopfest coming up in California this fall as well.  All those groups and sites have scads of artists worth tracking down.

Geoffrey, if you’re still reading, I hope you enjoyed and I look forward to being in touch soon!  And I also look forward to having some new Holofunk videos up soon 🙂  Here’s one from two years ago at Microsoft:

It is much different already so STAY TUNED!


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